XTG Video-/Photo module


(2500)Video-/Photo module

This module is only designed for XTG series microscope.

This combination, equipped with the appropriate camera objective, can be used for photography and 1/2"-or 2/3"- or 1/3" Video camera.

This combination is fitted to the rear of the stereomicroscope. And so the outfit is very stable. 50% of the light is available for video or photography, and 50% for stereoscope observation.


(2412)Video-/Photo module Adapter

XTG Video system:

Video-/Photo module (2500) , equipped with Video-/Photo module Adapter (2412) ,  CCD Adapter (2411 ) or Video Coupler[(2421) 0.3X、(#24220.5X、(#2423 0.75X 、(#24241.5X         (#24252X], can be use for a 1/2"-or 2/3"- or 1/3" Video camera, sharp image can be observed on the monitor.



(2412)Video-/Photo module Adapter

XTG Photographic system:

XTG series Video-/Photo module(2500),  connected with (2412)Video-/Photo module Adapter and (2510) Photo Tube with Universal Adapter(2523), can be used for photography. Camera is optional




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