XTG Series Zoom Stereo  Microscope Head







      #1132+#2110M                      #1131+#2110M

XTG: Binocular body (1131) with WF10X Eyepiece (2110M)

XTG: Trinocular body (1132) with WF10X Eyepiece (2110M)

Zoom Range: 0.67x-4x

Zoom Ratio: 1:6

Total Magnification: 6.7x-40x standard,

 2x-200x with optional lens

Working Distance: 116mm (without

 Auxiliary lens), it can  be 36mm-435mm 

with optional auxiliary lens.

Field of View: Ø5.5mm-Ø32.8mm

standard, Ø2.8mm-Ø110mm with 

optional lens

Interpupillary Distance: adjustable 51mm-72mm

Binocular Tube: Inclined 600

Diopter Adjustment: ±5 Diopter

Binocular Body: can be rotated 3600.

Video-/Photo module: Video-/Photo module

Adapter (2412) can be attached to

 Video-/Photomodule, this combination is 

used for XTG Photographic or video system      



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